Server change
Date: Thursday, February 04, 2016 @ 05:46:33 EST
Topic: TDI

After another server move, the website is up and running again.
This time I have replaced the website Core-code with Ravennuke. More stable and (still) has support. Also had to tackle errors in modules and blocks due to deprecated php functions and other stuff
Since that phpnuke is not a common used CMS anymore, security still remains an issue. With RN still active, and sentinel being supported, security won't be an issue :).

TDI is nolonger a squad, people have left and don't even play ames anymore.
The site is still up and running, a reminder for the great time we had years ago. And the fun I had creating modules and blocks.
Also the time I spend on PNC. I don't know how much longer this website will be online, but I'm trying to keep it online for the gaming community and vwar-highwire support.

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